Lay staff

The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris is assigned to the exercise of Roman Catholic worship. His pastoral activity is especially intense.

Open every day of the year for more than 12 hours, its activity often continues later in the evening to accommodate the faithful in particular throughout the summer evenings, or achieve specific tasks outside the hours (rehearsal, maintenance, works...)

To fulfill its mission of home, the Cathedral employs about 50 employees In addition to several tens of Volunteers and clerics.

This is why she hosts a couple of different professions:

-Administrative services: secretariat, logistics, accounting, communication...

-A responsible keeper of keys, opening and closing each morning and each evening.

-From sextons whose service specifically focuses on the preparation of the liturgy: altars, objects of worship, liturgical vestments, choir...

-Supervisors responsible for the security of the faithful and the priests, the smooth running of the ceremonies...

-Hostesses and hosts both at the information desk of the Cathedral only to the Treasure of the chapter or at the store.

-More particularly responsible person of stewardship: cleaners, cookers...

-Five organists that support each day by music the prayer of the faithful during the various offices.

-An organ responsible for the maintenance factor two organs the Cathedral and the management of the reception of the organists from around the world who come to give a hearing every Sunday.

-Technical service whose varied and multiple tasks concern both the equipment maintenance (at the Cathedral scale!), the construction of liturgical materials...

-A printer that draws more than 10,000 liturgical leaves per week.

-Managers responsible for governance of the offices: sound, shooting video, direction of concerts, events,. radio and television broadcasting of the offices

You can find him portraits of employees of the Cathedral in this Web documentary of the Pilgrim magazine:

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