Homily Friday, January 20
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Friday, January 20, 2017 at 18:15

We know, Christ before calling his disciples spent a night in prayer with his father. These twelve are the fruits of his contemplation and its dialogue with the father. They know the weaknesses of those whom they choose, but whatever. my grace is sufficient for you ».

They are chosen to be with him. This shows the importance of the privacy of the Apostle with Christ. A conversion that is not always easy for priests on fewer and more demand. But a priest who takes more time to withdraw away to be with his Lord is a priest in danger. This is contemplation which leads me to action. Apostolic life is constitutive; I am priest 24/24; I'm configured to Christ priest, one mediator; I'm not an official of the cult. That is why the priest must have free time of intimacy to fortify his inner being. We prefer to act, to do, rather than being! But being with God, be with him we give strength to act in the name of Christ.

The priest is with Christ to proclaim the good news and what is it? Christ came to save everyone without exception, with its history of fishing; Christ reveals the tenderness of the father through his plan of love. The priest has the power to proclaim the good news of salvation and expel the demons, it's related, because salvation is the liberation of our freedom hampered by demons. Through the sacraments instituted by Christ, the priest extends the action of Christ. That is to say that the priest is established by the Lord; He would even result in "is it Apostle", as liked to tell Saint Jean-Paul II, "the faithful want to see Jesus through us." That's why the priestly grace transfigures despite our limitations and our poverty.

The faithful would much like Holy priests! But you! I love the inner reflection of the Curé of Ars, which, after having heard a parishioner canonize it,: "if she knew." But dare we say, young people will respond to the call of Christ if they see priests happy and faithful; priests who have this desire for holiness. It is true that we make sacrifices, but surely not one of happiness. Media talk about priests who have betrayed the gift received, but does not talk as good priests, faithful to the end, giving without counting.

The Apostles were not always loyal because of their fear, but as soon as they relied on grace, they have become witnesses and sometimes to the blood donor. This mystery of election is great.

We are chosen by pure free, not because we are the best, but out of pure free love. We are chosen, not because of our talent, because we are only servants any. We are chosen because Christ spoke to his father and they took all the risks. There still a tremendous proof of love for the father knows us from the womb of our mothers.

Tonight, we must pray for the bishops and priests so that they are faithful to the call.

Pray also for young people, for the harvest is plentiful... That the Holy Spirit gives them the audacity to answer 'yes' so that they sing throughout their lives: Magnificat.

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Born October 11, 1951, Patrick CHAMBERS is ordained a priest of the diocese of Paris in 1980 by cardinal François MARTY. Professor of french, latin and Greek from 1972 to 1975 and the institution of Holy Cross in Neuilly, or after his ordination, he became chaplain. He was appointed in September 1984 Director of the Seminary of Saint-Sulpice at Issy-les. Professor [...]

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