Homily of Friday, September 15
Posted on 03/10/2017 in News

Yesterday we celebrated the glorious Cross, and today, as echoing this feast, Our Lady of Sorrows, the one who was at the cross, united to the sufferings of her son.

As Mary would have wanted to be given to her son in these painful hours! But the son asks him for this ultimate dispossession: " Woman, this is your son She then receives Saint John and through him, all of us. Yes, we are the children of Mary and we must not forget it! We need this closeness, this connivance with her, as a child who confides in her mother. She knows everything about us and therefore we are not afraid to tell her our sorrows and our joys, which makes us suffer, our wounds and our fragilities, our history of sin.

It is to the cross that our mother intercede for us; This is where she received from her beloved son this mission.

« Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners "At each Ave Maria, believe me, Mary listens to you; She prays for you, she carries you to her son who can offer you forgiveness.

It is because Mary is without sin that she is so close to us! For it is our sin that moves us away from our brethren. By sin, the heart hardens, but the Immaculate Heart of Mary is dilated and Mary awaits us. Let us not be afraid to approach her; It will not give you a moral lesson; She will not guilt you; No, she will give you the advice to restart, to pursue your way to Christ.

In the penalty, she will comfort you; In joy, she will tell you her spiritual testament: Do whatever my son tells you. "

In distress, she will teach you abandonment and trust. In joy, she will remind you to do the will of her father.

In suffering, she will be with you near your crosses. In Joy she will pass on her charisma of the Magnificat.

In this feast, let us not forget to take Mary with us and allow ourselves to be guided by her. She knows the shortest way to lead us to the source of love.

"Make that in my heart burn a great Fire

To better love Christ my God

And that I may please him. "

Brothers and sisters, take the time to contemplate our Pieta which is at the back of the choir; This wonderful work will tell you how much Mary is waiting for you, with your arms open, to carry you to her son.

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