Homily from Sunday, October 1st
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As you understand it, Christ does not encourage us to be sinners! Besides, does he need to encourage us? Not He encourages us to convert.

The Liturgy of the word shows us places of possible conversion. In the book of the Prophet Ezekiel: If the righteous turn from his righteousness ». This righteousness is the grace of holiness received at our baptism. If we turn away from this call to Holiness, by committing evil, by diverting ourselves from charity, we move away from the good Lord's conduct. But what is this conduct? It is developed in the hymn to the Philippians. « Christ, having the divine condition, did not jealously remember the rank that equaled him to God ». We are well aware that pride and selfishness remain tendencies that are the consequences of the sin of origin.

To progress in humility, we must put ourselves in the school of Christ by putting ourselves in the logic of the gift. It is not a question of giving up responsibilities, but of living them as a service. He who is humble acknowledges the action of God in his life. He did not naturalizes the supernatural; Thus his prayer is most often a praise and a Thanksgiving. So every evening, in our prayer, we must take up what the Lord has done in our day and not hesitate to say thank you.

We also progress in humility by living obedience: " Christ became obedient to death ». His life is only obedience to the father. His food was to do the will of his father. We also have to enter into the obedience of the son, listening not only to the word of God, but by putting it into practice.

The other trend is selfishness, because our ego can become invasive. So how do we get out of focus? First of all by the prayer that declutters our hearts to discover a deeper me than myself; Then through the exercise of charity which is a renunciation and self-dispossession to give himself to his neighbor. We need to find that balance between for oneself and for others; It's about our inner freedom. The Selfish is a slave to his person and is no longer able to see the other; It is a question of converting our gaze on our neighbour: to encourage with love, to be in communion in the spirit, to have tenderness and compassion reiterates Saint Paul.

This is a nice examination of consciousness. that of scheming and vain, even in the church! The Pope denounces the careerism of clerics! "Have enough humility to estimate the other superiors..." Don't be concerned about your own interests, think of others. To us to question ourselves to point to the place of conversion requested by Christ on this Sunday.

But be careful not to be like the son who says: Yes Lord and that does not go to the vine! Conversion is a succession of acts; Transforming my soul is not done in a day! It is much more the work of every day, aided by the Divine Mercy. Let's not be discouraged. The voluntarism does not work, let alone the Coue Method! This only creates an internal tension; Rather, we must name the limits and rely on grace. When one knows its misery, one appeals to the mercy which gives the means of conversion; Not only in the sacrament of penance, we are forgiven, but we receive this grace that helps us to convert.

Let us not forget that God does not get tired of forgiving and healing our wounds.

Let us not forget, as Pope Francis says, that "The Lord loves me with tenderness." The Lord knows this beautiful science of caress. God does not love us in words; It is approaching... It is more difficult to be loved by God than to love him. This is the way to give him so much love: open our hearts and let ourselves be loved... feel it close, let it be tender and caress us. »

This is the spirituality of little Therese! On this day of her feast, she had to be evoked, she who is a doctor of merciful love.


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