1st Sunday of advent homily
published on 14/12/2016 in News

Sunday, November 27, 2016 at 11:30

Our new liturgical year begins with this 1st Sunday of Advent, time of desire, time of waiting; But what do we want? What are we waiting for? This liturgical time is given to us to grow in us the desire for the vision of God, the expectation of the return to glory of our Savior, what we call the Parousia.

"So stand ready... it is at a time when you will not think that the son of man will come."

The time of God is not ours; A thousand years are like a day! So we have to be vigilant not to be surprised. So together, let's think about this spiritual vigilance. There is certainly the parousia, but there is also our own Passover, our passage from death to life and there too, we do not know the time, because death does not belong to us.

Saint Paul invites us to "reject the works of darkness by covering us with weapons of light." We know them: prayer, the sacraments, the meditation of the Word of God, acts of love and mercy; Yes, "Let us put on the Lord Jesus Christ."

This is not the time of Lent, but it is the time when we will let Christ live. May our prayer be more inland, in the intimacy of our hearts to discover the Trinitarian presence. Hence the importance of the vigilance of the heart: do not let oneself be distracted so that the works of darkness do not invade us! To us to see what distracts us from the way of the Lord and give us the means to resist by being a being of light. Let us be wary of everything we do in secret! Unless it's to prepare a surprise to your loved ones... But here we are in the Order of love!

When we have clothed Christ, then we become beings transfigured and filled with joy. This joy, it springs from our heart, when we ascend on the mountain of the Lord to meet him: "What joy when I was told: we will go to the House of the Lord." We must find this inner joy brought about by the meeting of the Lord. So in your prayer, do not search for "Gouzigouzis",

These shivers, all that is of the order of "felt", but rather the joy and peace that are gifts of the spirit. This implies a prayer that treats the presence of God and plunges us into our souls, our inner heavens. We always go too fast... to get to the level of the heart; We must manage to silence our intellect, to appease our distractions, not by chasing them because we feed them, but by constantly returning to our hearts, according to a beautiful expression Augustinian: "Redi ad cor", come back to your heart! This prayer, which we call prayer, unifies our hearts and it is then that peace settles and brings joy to life. A simple joy, that of being in our inner abode which has become the House of the Lord.

This is our best way of "watching" to welcome the Lord. Why look outside what is inside of us? There are followers who have exhausting spiritual lives because they are complicated! And yet prayer is so simple; It is true that it must be put into place; Surely, we must overcome his fears and accept to depend on the Lord... But all the great Saints have arrived to lift mountains through these waking times with Christ; Sometimes these times were quenuit as for Mother Teresa, but do not dream: there are times of enlightenment, but most often we are there like logs, but incandescent logs; It is not always known; Prayer is about feeding the fire of love. The words are not speeches but twigs that feed this fire.

Jesus insists on the vigilance of the heart which is relative to him, to his coming at the last day, but also every day. The bridegroom comes in the middle of the night; The light that must not be extinguished is that of the faith: "From thee My heart says: Seek its face." (Ps 27, 8)

Let us teach by the Lord to show us the way to go. May we live this advent as a return to the source of living water.

"My soul thirsts for the Living God, when will I see him face to face?" This is our prayer.

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