Homily on Sunday, February 26
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on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 11:30

"You can not serve both God and money." Christ he condemns those who have money? Certainly not! No, what he condemns, it's to consider money as a master, i.e. as an Idol who can make me slave.

There may be a run for the money; We are sometimes willing to do anything to get money; think of the inheritances that are sources of conflict. What attitude have if we have a little money? The spiritual freedom. Do not waste and not to earn! We look for the right balance, with a dimension of sharing.

It is true that the economic situation is fragile and that we have the reflex to keep "just in case". Yes for caution; We must be responsible, especially if we have a family. Here again, what is freedom from our fears to Miss?

'Don't worry, for your life, what you shall eat, nor for your body, what you clothe.'

This does not mean to stop doing errands for lunch tomorrow, but what is my freedom from our wasteful consumer society sometimes?

It seems to me that Christ invites us to do a little more trust in divine Providence, there still being beings responsible! One who spends his day lying on a deck chair, it is clear that food not fall from the sky!

Every day and several times a day, we say in the our father: "gives - us today our daily bread.» What the demand for trust? The fathers of the church saw the Eucharist; the Lord gives us every day this food that gives life us; but there is also this abandonment to the Lord, because he can't abandon us.

"Even if a mother forgot you, me I won't forget you", says the Lord. Sometimes, sometimes we despair, because it is not the end of the tunnel; events accumulate and like Job, we have the impression of being abandoned; But God is there and we need to look it up and find it. It is often in the silence of his presence.

"I have to rest that in God alone, my salvation comes from him." sings the psalmist. Beautiful prayer of trust and abandonment. It is an act of faith: only God can save me. This rest is the inner peace that allows me to take a look back at my situation. This peace guides then to take decisions. Must take time to sit and let the Lord move into my inner cell. It is so get listening before answering him!

You have this freedom for yourselves, but also against others; because your decision to live your life will be illuminated by the Lord. Like St. Paul, 'I care very little of your judgment." There also freedom compared to what the people; We are not sheep of panurge. In saying this, I don't want to make you marginal, even if we're still somewhat marginal compared to others, especially if we are disciples of Christ!

The key is to be in accordance with his conscience. Not forgetting that "even if our hearts accuse us, God is greater than our hearts." The sacrament of reconciliation is there for "conscience don't blame me."

Nothing more terrible to hang out a guilt for years and sometimes even in the grave as the great poet Victor Hugo says: "the eye was in the grave and watched Cain."

Trust in the Lord that will receive us the Crown of glory at the time; It will not fade, it's that of Holiness.

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