Homily on Sunday, January 22
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Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 11:30

If Jesus settles in Capernaum, it is because he loves this city, but mainly because he wants to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah: "This people saw a great light." This is the place where Jesus turns out to be light born of light. This is the place of the first disciples ' call. The look of Christ on Simon, Andre, Jacques and John is a call to put himself in his suite and without hesitation leaving their nets, they follow him. Radicality of the call, radicality of the answer: "Immediately they followed him." They are chosen by pure gratuity to be with Christ and to proclaim the good news of salvation. The vocation will always be a mystery: why these four? The son spoke to his father; It is the choice of the Holy Trinity. They were free to answer, but this glance of Christ was lightning, a gaze filled with light that left a hunch that Jesus was the one who was to come, the Lamb of God who comes to take away the sin of the world.

Like all of us, they are fragile, but fortified by grace, if they rely on it!

And we who are disciples by the grace of baptism, we continue the mission. The church, the Sacrament of Salvation, the Bride of Christ, sanctifies the people of God by bringing them together. But for more than two thousand years, she has been confronted with divisions. In the early years, these are issues of influence and power. Saint Paul denounces this in his letter to the Corinthians. We are a people of saints, but of holy sinners! Even today, in communities and probably even around the siege of Peter, there are conflicts of power. Once again, we must go to the source to find a spirituality of communion; And for that, we must remember that we are all servants of the Lord. Power in the church is exercised as a service. There is only one master, it is the Lord. Of course, we have to obey the pope and our bishops, but this obedience is that of Christ to his father, that is, obedience of love and not of slave.

If there is no power, then we will soon be in anarchy. If Christ instituted Peter and his successors as head of the church, it is not to make them tyrants, but as servants of the servants.

It is the Holy Spirit who chooses the bishops. Sometimes we approach the church with a purely sociological and institutional look; We forget the supernatural dimension. We are not in a sect; We are free in the heart of the Church!

We are not sheep of panurge! We can have ideas and we have to accept diversity in unity; Otherwise there will be no more ecumenical dialogue.

Let us not forget that the church is our mother and we are not here to settle our accounts with our mother. Criticism is possible when it remains in the realm of charity.

We love our church because Christ is his head, that we are living stones and that we are called to live a communion of love.

The church is beautiful because it radiates from all these saints who illuminate the world.

"I asked one thing of the Lord to dwell in the House of the Lord."

The Psalmist's Prayer is ours. We have this desire to be in the heart of the church to see the goodness of the Lord. Little Therese sought her vocation and she was in joy when she finally found it: "In the heart of the church, my vocation is Love".

Brothers and sisters, if you want the church to spread in all nations, then choose this vocation; Be Love!

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