Homily for the feast of Mary, mother of God
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Sunday, January 1, 2017 at 11:30

We start our new year celebrating Mary, mother of God; It is the Council of Ephesus which proclaimed Marie Théotokos, to meet the heresy of Nestorius who claimed that Mary was the mother of Jesus, the one who gave Jesus, but certainly not the mother of God. Anthropological error, because Marie did not in the world a nature human, but rather a child, the son of the eternal father.

So the liturgy invites us to contemplate Mary, the Virgin of tenderness: "Marie kept all these things and pondered them in her heart."

Mary does not merely to see the work of God, but she keeps it in her heart to make memory and give thanks; and while meditating what she just went through, so offer us a path.

First of all, be listening to the word of God. Before the Annunciation, Mary prayed the Scriptures; She taught her son the Psalms. Mary was meditating the scripture to do the will of God. Remember the episode where they said to Jesus that his mother is there to see: "who is my mother? The one who hears the word and put it into practice. ' Mary, the model of listening with the obedience of faith.

That's why she sends us his spiritual testament to the wedding at Cana: "What my son will tell you, do it", even if this seems impossible, or even unbelievable! Must be tuned to the son and get into the obedience of faith. Mary accompanies her son, but always indented; She does not, prayerful presence; Jesus and Mary are the icon of tenderness, with a perfect chastity. No possessiveness, but always in the order of the gift. This is true in Golgotha where Mary, like any mother, should be given entirely to his son suffering. but Christ ask him this ultimate dispossession. '' This is your son. " Once again, she obeyed to the Ministry that comes to be entrusted to him: her divine motherhood must now be exercised on all people of good will, until the hour of their death. So effective intercession of the mother of God shows us its proximity with all of us.

Model of listening to the word, Marie participated in an extraordinary way in the work of salvation. Although she does not take the place of his son, who is the only Saviour, by her Yes to the mystery of the Incarnation, by its presence in the mystery of the Redemption, Mary cooperated in salvation of the world. This is why, the blessed Paul VI, proclaimed her mother of the Church, because the Church is sacrament of salvation.

What is its role? Mary helps accommodate the graces we receive through the sacraments, prayer, meetings etc... it is as a sacristan, said the little Teresa, which désencombre hearts. So at the beginning of a time of prayer, of silent prayer, if it's hard to silence, should not hesitate to pray to Mary.

Marie then helps us to say yes to the Lord. Our poor Yes is taken in his fiat. She accompanies us in spiritual discernment in showing us that the source of freedom is in the orientation of our whole being to what we were created?

Mary help us in our prayer life. There are days where we are so poor, that Mary comes to our rescue; It is the grace of the Ave Maria. Mary, very discreet, is present with us.

'May the Lord make you shine your face', that's why Mary is beautiful; Belle of this light that transfigures her.

"That the Lord turns down his face", this face, it shines on the face of Mary, that is why it is only tenderness and softness.

"That this face give you peace", that's why Mary is pacified and transmits this peace to all who entrust themselves to her.

May this new year be put under the gaze of Mary to make it a year of peace and joy.

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