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January 4, 2017

Exhibition "carpet of the choir.


January 4

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Every day until 14 January 2017

3-14 January 2017 (except January 8)




3-14 January 2017 (except January 8), will be on display in the nave of the Cathedral, the monumental carpet, almost 200 square meters, woven from 1825 to 1833 for the choir of our Lady by the famous Manufactory of the SOAP factory. Will be presented the rich liturgical clothing offered at the Cathedral in the 19th century by Charles X, Louis Philippe, and Napoleon III.


Among the unsung treasures kept at Notre Dame is the first this rug to the impressive setting. When in 2014, the large carpet SOAP of the choir of Notre-Dame was exposed in the nave, no one could see or admire since almost thirty years, this lavish weaving whose exact origin was forgotten, to some referring to the 'carpet of the sacred [Napoleon I, 1804]', others doubting even that it is still kept at Notre Dame. His presentation was an event that is renewed this year.

Its rare decoration with its strong religious symbolism, its exceptional dimensions, nearly 200 m2, make one of the most remarkable parts of the famous Manufactory of the SOAP factory. Ordered in 1825, the first year of the reign of Charles X, the carpet will be offered at Notre Dame by Louis-Philippe, on the occasion of baptism in 1841 of his grandson, the comte de Paris. The King of the French was that accomplish a decision taken by the last King of France. 1838 birth of the prince had been marked by a royal grant not less prestigious: a "complete ornament in cloth of gold", set of liturgical vestments. A similar ornament was acquired by the Cathedral a few years previously in 1825 through the largesse of Charles X shortly after his coronation, offered another a few years later in 1856 by Napoleon III for the baptism of his son, the Prince imperial.

This carpet and these liturgical vestments are associated with all the great moments of the Cathedral in the 19th and 20th centuriesliturgical ceremonies to the highlights of the history of France celebrated in Notre Dame, under the restoration, the monarchy of July, the Second Empire, the successive republics.

This carpet is again unveiled to the public through a partnership between the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the DRAC island-of-France and the Mobilier national.


Free access, to the opening of the Cathedral.



The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris dedicates this exhibition
in memory of Madame Chantal Gastinel-Coural,.
Honorary Advisor of the national furniture.
Through its research, by his sympathetic collaboration,.
She was one of the key architects without whom these presentations of 2014 and 2017
the carpet of the chorus and cloth of gold ornaments
could not take place.



The Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris wishes to thank:

The Regional conservation of Historical Monuments, DRAC island-of-France
for conservation work carried out on the carpet.

The National furniture
for putting at disposal of its archives and collections.

Madam Chantal Gastinel-Coural
Honorary Advisor of the national furniture
for his research work and his benevolent cooperation.

Them National Palace of Compiègne museums and field
the Matt Denon living museum
the Ingres in Montauban Museum
companies Lelièvre, Tassinari Chatel in Lyon and Paris &
Mr Bernard Tassinari
the parish Saint-Germain - l'Auxerrois in Paris
them Historical archives of the diocese of Paris
for the providing of their archives and collections.


Project owner:
Monsignor Patrick Chambers
Rector-Archpriest of Notre Dame de Paris

Project management:
Laurent Prades
general manager of Notre Dame de Paris


NDP Invitation carpet press logos


ND-tapis_6633_modifie-1 - Version 2 copy






Foliage of leaves of ornaments along the cross. © NDP



Cornucopia in gold loaded fruit and ears of wheat © NDP



Liturgical trophy in the right blind arcade of hunting: candelabra, cross, lantern and banner of procession, censers, Ewer, liturgical books. © NDP



Hunting in Gothic architecture containing the priestly trophies. Central blind Arcade with dual warheads: great lectern with symbolic representation of the four evangelists - the tetramorph: Bull (St Luke), the lion (St Mark), man (St Matthew) and the Eagle (St John) - processional cross, banner, fiddleheads, censers, basin, candlesticks, stole, tiara, mitre, liturgical books, font and brush, tray and Cruets. © NDP


Our-Dame_de_Paris_-_tapis_monumental_du_choeur_-_024 - Version 2

In Gothic tracery at the center of the cross, a Sun on green background woven in 1833 in replacement of the arms of France. © NDP


7. 2012 05 07 NDP-

Ordinations at Notre Dame by cardinal Verdier, Archbishop of Paris, 58 priests on June 29, 1938 (prostration during the singing of the litanies of the saints). On the floor of the nave, the carpet of the choir. © NDP



The rolled rug in the choir in the 1980s. © NDP



Screed. Man & Bouvard and Didier Petit, Lyon, 1825. Cloth of gold raised bump in décor of branches of oak and Lily to the natural, with clusters of grapes and ears of wheat, ordered by Charles X after his coronation. Destroyed in part in 1830 and 1831, reconfectionné in 1856. © NDP


ND-ornements_6742 (1).

In front of one of the dalmatics of ornament offered in 1838 by Louis-Philippe after the birth of the comte de Paris. Cloth of gold adorned with palms, of ears of wheat and grapes and crafted by the chasuble bias, Paris controlled storage of the Crown to big brothers, Lyon, in 1835. © NDP



Screed of the ornament offered by Napoleon III. Brocade gold leaves on bottom paperback white satin silks swarms, drawing décor of flowers, grapes and wheat, ordered by the storage of the Crown in 1837 to big brothers, Lyon, on the instructions of Queen Marie-Amélie. © NDP


January 4