Cathedral figures

Pilgrims and visitors

Approximately 13 million from all over the world every year (an annual average of over 30,000 people per day). On peak days, there are over 50,000 pilgrims and visitors entering the cathedral.


5 daily services Monday to Saturday, 7 on Sundays. If you count holidays and special celebrations, there are more than 2000 celebrations at Notre-Dame each year.



The building

  • Height under the vault: 33 metres
  • Height under the roof: 43 metres
  • Height of the side aisles: 10 metres
  • Height of the towers: 69 metres
  • Steps up to the towers: 380
  • Height of the spire: 96 metres
  • Height of the nave: 60 metres
  • Length of the transept: 14 metres
  • Length of the choir: 36 metres
  • Total length: 128 metres
  • Length of West façade: 43 metres
  • Width of the nave: 12 metres
  • Width of the choir: 12 metres
  • Total width: 40 metres
  • Width of the transept: 48 metres
  • Width of the side aisles: 12 metres
  • Width of West façade: 40 metres
  • Surface area 4,800 m²
  • Diameter of the north and south rose windows 13.10 metres
  • Diameter of the west rose window 9.70 metres
  • The wooden structure is made up of 1,300 oak trees, representing 21 hectares of forest.

The Bells

The North tower is home to four bells cast in 1856:

  • Angélique-Françoise, 1,915 kg, C-sharp
  • Antoinette-Charlotte, 1,335 kg, D-sharp
  • Hyacinthe-Jeanne, 925 kg, F
  • Denise-David, 767 kg, F-sharp

The South tower is home to the 15th century Emmanuel bell [/Bells] which was recast in 1681 upon the request of Louis XIV who named the bell. It weighs 13 tons and is tuned to F-sharp.

Les orgues

The Great Organ has 5 keyboards and 56 notes, a 32-note pedalboard, 109 ties, 111 registers and 7,374 pipes.

The Choir Organ It has two keyboards and one pedalboard, 30 ties and 1,840 pipes.

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